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We offer a three day coaching in Love, Couples and Spirituality.
Ofrecemos servicios en coaching con los temas de Amor, Pareja y Espiritualidad. 


Programa radial en español donde tocamos el tema del amor en todas sus dimensiones. 



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With a successful business background where I held various management positions such as; Manager, VP, and President of a cruise company, I decided to go at it on my own, when I realized I did not have the same fortune.

Looking for answers in life and our purpose, I found astrology. Being the incredulous person that I am, I began my studies in astrometeorolgy, and I started to predict weather very accurately.  This is how my career and passion for astrology started.

Astrology opened a completely new meaning in life for me, where we can see not only our future, but also understand our purpose in life. This led me to write my first book, “Tomando Control de tu Destino,” a book written in Spanish that surpassed all expectations in sales back in 2009.  I have since written another book called, “Motivando el Espíritu” and just finished a short story called “The Alchemist of the Spirit” which will be launched in September in both English and Spanish.

This genre I like to call it “a self-help esoteric and spiritual novel” in which we can learn and understand how destiny works in our lives. “The Alchemist of the Spirit” is a profound spiritual journey which will take many to reevaluate their lives.

My purpose is to bring through words a new realm of understanding and spiritual fulfillment by understanding our destiny and freewill, two sides of the same coin. 

David Hernandez Author/Autor


David Hernandez Author/autor Astrological Reading

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